Our company background

Cheshire Homes’ focus is to invest in those sectors where we believe we have unrivalled expertise and operational skills to create the best value and return for ourselves and our clients

Cheshire Homes Group has evolved to become a concrete business as it is today. The business has an immensely strong foundation which was laid by the CEO, Mr M.A. Ali.

Fast Support

We are dedicated in providing your swift and helpful customer service, so you can relax, whilst we take care of everything.


We provide a secure agreement with all our clients, to keep your mind on ease.

Happy Life

We are dedicated to providing assurance. We will make sure you receive what you desire.

Brief History

Mr. Ali comes from a successful chain of retail textile businesses, for over 10 years, and had built the businesses into highly successful chains of fashion retail shops in the North West.

In 1995 with great foresight, Mr Ali recognised an opportunity in the property sector. Purchasing a handful of terrace houses in South Manchester had them refurbished and let them out to students and professionals. In 1997 he formed his company ‘Cheshire Homes (UK)’.

Over the years Cheshire Homes went on to bigger projects including new developments and commercial properties. Mr. Ali went on from strength to strength which was recognised by his peers, in 2004 he was the proud winner of the Business award at the Lloyds TSB Jewel Awards.

The multimillion pound company is now formed into Cheshire Homes Group. It has four major operating arms within the group at the Head office in Manchester; the Construction & Development, Residential, Commercial and Trading/Investment departments.

The Company’s motto “More than Real Estate” is based on Mr. Ali’s vision to build the biggest portfolio of properties and one which can offer everything related to the property sector.